Sheri Miller


Susan     11 June 2024

Sheri is a true healer.


Judith     31 May 2024

Thank you Sheri for easing my discomforts.  This week I had a very painful area in my upper back. Sheri not only identified the problem but was able to offer much needed relief.  I especially enjoy the Essential Oils she incorporates throughout the massage.


Wendy.    2 April  2024

Sheri is the best.  She's very knowledgeable about the body and takes extra care to address painful problems.  Her fascia releases are helping my long term TMJ headaches.  So glad my friends told me about her.


Jody M.     20 March 2024

I'm addicted to Sheri and her healing!  She worked quite hard releasing tight fascia, thus releasing pressure on my low back.  This was after a wonderful relaxing energy session.  She is so special. Again, I highly recommend her.


Sarah H.     1 Jan 2024

Sheri is a beautiful soul-loving, gentle, skilled intuitive-who helped me regain my balance after a devastating loss.  I am deeply grateful.


Erica      1 Nov 2022           

Just one session and I am a regular. I have needed to relax like that for 3 years running. She has a wealth of knowledge and a brilliant touch...


Maria      21 Oct 2022

It is always a treat to have a session with Sheri! I am becoming a regular 💞. Thank you Sheri for the care you take in all aspects of your healing sessions.


Peg      18 Oct 2022

Sheri is one of the most intuitive massage therapists I have ever had. She creates an atmosphere of compassion, safety and healing from the second you walk in the door. She is versed in different types of massage which enables her to give an incredible healing, relaxing massage. She is second to none!


Bonnie     21 Sep 2022

Sheri is a gifted practitioner and an awesome human. Her treatments are wonderfully nourishing experiences. Please avail yourself of her gifts!


Thomas      25 Nov 2021

I am thankful for the wonderful work Sheri puts in everyday for her class and clients. She always goes above and beyond in the best ways possible. Her fitness class combined with a massage is by far my favorite. I get to do a wonderful work out, then drift away as my body get healed.   I would recommend Sheri to anyone seeking a genuine experience. Thank you 🙏🏻


Teena        4 Mar 2021

I am so thankful for Sheri! I have been to different places and gone to a lot of people for all types of massages but Sheri was able to make me feel relaxed while addressing some of my ailments like lower back pain. She was pleasant and professional and her studio was so inviting and I plan on seeing her regularly!


Rachel      19 Feb 2020

Sheri is a true healer with a very special gift. Not only is she incredible and experienced at working with the body and its energy systems, but she is the most kind and compassionate person you will ever meet! Her aloha energy permeates each session, and you truly feel like you are being seen, touched, and supported in exactly the way your body and soul need. Each time I leave a session with Sheri, I feel I have received exactly what I needed in addition to feeling loved, nourished, and supported. Thank you, Sheri, for the work you do! The world is a better place because of it!


Josh   18 Sep , 2019         

One day while grocery shopping at The Coop in the Solana Center in Santa Fe, I noticed a chair massage booth was available. I was fortunate to receive a 15 minute chair massage treatment from Ms. Sheri Miller. She is a beautiful soul, and is proud of her Hawaiian massage therapy education, and business practice experiences there. She has an intuitive sense with the body, and has a gentle, but firm and fluid flow in her technique. It was such a great experience to receive a short-session chair massage, that several weeks later I booked an appointment for a 60 minute full-body session on her table, where she has a practice out of her home. Within her own space is where I really noticed how her bodywork becomes an art form, as she incorporates several oils, lotions and mists into the session, which have relaxing, yet stimulating affects, and compliments her bodywork flow. It is definitely a pleasure to have a healing session with a massage therapist, whose rates are not only affordable, but who addresses the concerns of the client. Her education and experience shows during the pre and post conversation briefs as well, and the banana/papaya sherbet dish with fresh coconut water at the end of her session was a real treat too!


Stuart   01 Aug , 2019         

From the moment Sherri touched my shoulders and neck at the Coop, I could tell she knew her stuff. Sherri gives a deep yet sensitive massage. She always checks to see if there are spots needing special attention or sorenesses. Because she keeps notes, each massage builds on the last. Her massages are enhanced by her knowledgeable use of special aromas and end with yummy treats of her own concoction. She could easily have a second enterprise in tasty snacks.

Spencer   23 Oct , 2018         

Sheri is the best! After our first session, I was looking for any excuse to go back. And when I did eventually make a second appointment, my body decided to make a nice knot near my shoulder blade, which she fixed. Sheri has a great calming presence, is easy to speak with, and will work with you to make aches and stresses disappear. The homemade treats post-massage are another bonus. It's been a couple weeks since our last session, and despite what my body gets put through most days, it's still feeling great! I have been trying to wrap my head around why I hadn't made an appointment earlier.


Jessica   16 Oct , 2018         

I was recently beyond blessed to receive an energy balancing treatment and massage by the hugely talented and beautiful inside-and-out radiating soul Sheri Miller of Four Wings.  And Wow-oh-Wow, she used essential oils throughout the process and it just blew my mind. I saw colors and lights! She balanced all of my chakras with crystals, oils, and massage. And then she shared with me a beautiful delicious tea and mango heart!! ☕️  Amazingly she does all of this for a reasonable price. The best way to describe Sheri is that she is a light! Such a loving kind generous person, and I can’t recommend this wonderful treatment highly enough. Especially in these days with so much negativity coming at us, treat yourself and those you love to this extraordinary experience!❤️


Ben   16 Feb , 2018         

I have had two massages from Sheri now and she is wonderful! She is able to ease your mind with her lovely personality and does great work. The soothing oils and music she uses helped me go into my own little paradise and relaxed my mind, body and soul. She sends a great healing energy and flow through the body that really catalyzes a rejuvenating experience.


Ana   14 Feb , 2018         

I've had a massage with Sheri twice. I have been to a few massage therapists and none have been like Sheri. She is from Hawaii and brings a little bit of her home land into her craft. She has an incredible energy. She makes you feel very comfortable and completely at peace. She uses only the best products, organic and natural ingredients. The appointments I've had with her have served me more than just relieving a tight back or sore neck. I always leave feeling healthier and happier. Needless to say I will never go to another massage therapist again!